HTML5 Icon Turkish Cypriot Women's Project

The Turkish Cypriot Women’s Project was initially set up in November 1984 to target the needs of Turkish Cypriot women. A small group of Turkish speaking women got together to advise and support these women to help alleviate isolation and encourage them to access vital services. That small organisation has grown today into one of London’s major Turkish speaking women’s organisations, which provides a high quality and caring service to all Turkish Cypriot, Turkish and Kurdish women.

However, we have extended our services to support any woman that comes to us in need of advice and assistance. Clients may, on some occasions, be referred to agencies better able to meet their needs due to specific language and cultural requirements or a particular expertise. Client’s consent will always be obtained prior to a referral.

Turkish Cypriot Women’s Project is also assessed by Advice Quality Standard (AQS) every 2 years. We have held the AQS Quality Mark in General Help Level and Welfare Benefits Category at Casework Level for over 12 years and we have also obtained our Debt Licence from AQS.

Our Mission Statement

To meet the needs of the Turkish Cypriot, Turkish and Kurdish women who are disadvantaged in society by providing culturally sensitive services. The following values underpin our mission statement and the significance to the quality of service we provide.

  1. Equality of Access
  2. Client Focused
  3. Enabling and Empowering
  4. Free Service
  5. Accountability
  6. Accessible and Responsive
  7. Confidential Service
  8. User involvement in planning our services
  9. Open complaints process

HTML5 Icon Aims

-To promote the health and well-being of Turkish speaking women and their families by providing quality advice sessions, seminars and conferences.

-To promote awareness of the needs of Turkish speaking women amongst statutory/voluntary sector service providers, ensuring effective service delivery and engagement with communities.

-To provide recreational facilities for women with the objective of improving their quality of life and preventing homelessness and isolation.

-To identify and meet the developmental needs of women and their children by providing a range of services and facilities that are designed to protect and safeguard children and vulnerable adults.

-To advance the education of women by the provision of classes and training courses.

-To ensure that all services are provided within an equal opportunities framework.